Vince Vance


Race: Ex’tra-Neus
Class/Level: Trickster Rogue 4


Vince is a city dwelling Ex’tra-Neus who calls Veritas City his home. He blends in with the rest of the population through a combination of the skills he has learned over the years or by simply donning his cloak (nothing special about it other than the hood hides the fact that he does not possess of Veritasian prominently pointy ears). He despite knowing that he could easily be executed for being on Veritasian soil, Vince loves the city life so much that he believes the risk is worth it. What he used to possess in nature skills have long faded from memory and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vince is loosely affiliated with Cromwell’s Veritas CityTheives Guild. That is at times, he considers himself affiliated with the guild when the guild serves a purpose for him. The rest of the time he considers himself freelance.

Vince Vance

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