The Wetlands


The Wetlands Map

The Twelve Tribes

Population: Between 20 and 150 per a village
By Race: Ext’ra-Neus 98%, 1% Vertiasian, 1% Other

Government: Various – 7 are tribal patriarchies, 2 tribal matriarchies, 2 monarchies and 1 democracy.

Military Force: Various between none (but able to call on all citizens to fight when needed) to a dozen dedicated warriors (with the ability to call on all citizens to fight when needed).

Average Per Capita Income: Various from 2 GP to 4 GP
Governmental Treasury: Various from none to 500 GP
Tax Rate: Various from 0% to 30%

The Twelve Tribes are very loosely affiliated communities that swing between a chaotic mix of peace and war with each other. Few have much in the way of historical records with most handing down history by word of mouth. Such histories vary from tribe to tribe with each tribe claiming to be the most important.

Hills of Dorian

The hallowed hills were it is said that the great knight Dorian went to meet his final end.

Castle of the Order of Dorian

The famed castle retreat of the great knight Dorian. It is said that once a great city surrounded the castle, though there is little evidence of that city today. The castle itself is also is great disrepair and considered to be inhabited by nothing other than haunts.

Three Brothers

The three hallowed hills where many nature magic users of the world of Vertias pilgrimage. Legend says that while standing between the Three Brothers, druids rituals are strengthened and ranger’s ability to find truly worthy animals companions is enhanced.

The Wetlands

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