Veritas City


Vertias City

Vertias City

Population: 1250
By Race: Veritasian 96%, Ext’ra-Neus 2%, 1% Malkin, 1% Other

Government: Monarchy (Ruled by King Cyrus IV)

Military Force: The Veritasian Guard (25 standing guardsman, heavily armed).

Average Per Capita Income: 8 GP
Governmental Treasury: 10000+ GP
Tax Rate: 50%

Veritas City, while aptly named as a city for it’s size in structures, possesses many buildings that are eerily vacant. Despite the Vertiasian people calling themselves the “first people,” history dating back beyond several decades is oddly vague and accounts as to why the city is relatively vacant are more like conflicting rumors rather than based on strong historical sources.

Lake Veritas

The deepest body of water in all of Vertias. The lake provides Veritas city with an abundance of fish; however, most of the fisherman refuse to go to near the mountains as it is believed that evil spirits may burst forth and shred the souls of unfortunate sailors.

Veritas Mountains

Moderate sized mountain range dividing the larger eastern portion of the Veritas City region from the much less populated western portion. The mountains are said to be unpassable forcing travelers heading to the west to map out a path either through The Great Forest of Vertias of through the Veritas Plains.

The Great Forest of Vertias

Massively tall pines scrape the sky as abundant life runs through The GreatForest of Veritas. The western portion, near the Vertias Mountains, is the location in which the annual Veritasian Royal Hunt is held. This hunt does not typically have a specific target in mind; rather, the Veritasian who brings in the most interesting trophy (by judgement of the king) is awarded 500 gold. Anything that is not a fellow Veritasian in fair game in the woods during the hunt, including Ex’tra-Neus, Malkin and other intelligent species.

Veritas Plains

The Veritas Plains feel as if they stretch on forever. Tall grass provide an amazing habit to various herds and small animals.

Valley of Veritas

Much of the valley is forced into the shadows of the mountains. While the same species of flora and fauna exist as found in The Great Forest of Veritas, those living things seems possess an inner darkness for some unknown reason.

Desert of Veritas

As stark as The Great Forest of Veritas is plentiful, the Desert of Veritas is flat, dry and hot. Very little vegetation grows here. Much of the desert remains unexplored due to the desperately hot conditions.

Veritas City

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