You have a sense that you are walking down a street of an exceptionally vast city. While you see nothing, except for what is directly in front of you, there is a sense of a great deal of activity and people all around you. In fact, you feel that there is far more activity and people than it is possible for there to ever truly be. It’s as if every living soul in the entire world of Veritas is right here on this street!

      Suddenly, a man stumbles toward you. He is clothed in rags that hang loose and reek with such a pungent smell that you’re pretty sure you detect his horrid odor coming toward you before you even initially laid eyes upon him. He stumbles straight into you, blocking your path and you barely prevent him from planting his face into the ground. Despite his full weight upon you, the man feels light as a feather. His neck cranes to look up at you as his wretched breath engulfs your air space.

      Slowly he speaks in a creaking voice, “The truth is a lie.”

You awaken!


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